The barbell bridge.

Ok. It has been a minute since I posted, I was going to post a tutorial about the barbell bridge about a week ago. But I have a life to shit happens.

Ta-Da: The Barbell Bridge AKA Hip Thrust AKA Weighted Glute Bridge.

1.Lay on the ground with a slight, natural arch in the back. Feet should be on the flat floor, knees flexed and heels close to butt (much closer than the picture). Do a st of 8-10 slow, controlled body-weight glute bridges as a warm-up.




2.A partner may either hand the bar to you or you can roll to bar over your legs to get into position. If you have large legs or large glutes that prohibit rolling the bar over your hips, use this set up: place a pair of plates (35s or 45s) on the ground; load the bar your going to use with 45’s(pretty much everyone can start with this weight) or similar diameter bumper plates. The setup should look like the one for a decline deadlift. From here place yourself under the bar-this can be tricky. At wrap a towel or use a squat pad  to ease discomfort. The bar should rest just on the upper pelvic bones i.e where most people place their hands when they “put their hands on their hips.”


3.Start by squeezing glutes, pushing with heels and lifting the weight straight up. Hold the bar with your hands by pushing it up, but only enough to hold it in place. The life should be  a lever, DO NOT roll by extending/flexing lower back. Your back should be in the same position through out the entire lift. You should breath out and squeeze to get slight hyper-extension of the glutes/hips in the top position


4.Lower the weight down in a controlled manner until your glutes touch the floor and breathe in. Pause briefly before beginning the next rep.

I would recommend 2-3 sets of 8-10 the first 2 weeks with a fairly light weight. Increase increments by 10-20 pounds afterwards. Most people-like I said can handle 45’s on each side, especially males. For strength use 3-4 sets of 10-12 with a tempo of one second up, brief pause at top and 1 second down. keep rest at about 45-60 secs.  For hypertrophy (If you want a phatter ass!) use 2-3 sets of about 10 reps, use a tempo of 1-2 seconds up, pause with a very strong flex at the top and lower about 3 seconds. Rest about 2-3min between sets.

I would actually use this at the end of a workout, and I would slightly turn my legs during the lift (think of making a butterfly, but very slightly) . This takes advantage of the glutes role of hip extension and external rotation for maximal activation. This will help with rock hard glutes and/or a round, plump butt if that’ s your goal.

Glute bridge

Me doing a Glute bridge, sorry for the bad quality

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Til next time.