The Sword is mightier than the Pen

So True

So True

There’s an old axiom that the “pen is mightier that the sword,” believed to coined by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 for a play. The idea behind this phrase is that the power of politics or communications is more effective or long-lasting than brute force. Now the effects of administrative or political acts can last seemingly forever. The names of continents, countries, popular plays, laws all of the things area result of “the pen” so to speak, so by their very nature they have the capacity to last a long time.

But is the pen REALLY mightier than the sword? No. The sword has always been the tool that allowed the pen to be used. The idea of that the sword is mightier than the pen is much simpler and truer. What you can do with your hands is more impactful and lasts longer than an idea. But how can that be? We’ve been told in philosophy class, movies, etc. that an idea lasts forever, that ideas have the power to shape minds and shift history. This is true, but it is not the idea itself that changes anything in way that matters. It is the ACTIONS of people that actually change history and last forever.

If you and I have ideas, and then we have a sword fight to the death. My ideas are the only one that really matter-save any writings you have or things you have taught. History is written by the victors or so we’ve heard. The continent of Africa is known by that name because a Roman General conquered part of Modern day Libya and named the coast after himself. Now due to history and modern politics the name “Africa” stuck and most of the world forgot about the name Elkebulan.

So what does this have to do with fitness? Fitness or getting in better shape or physique is only as good as what you do. You can argue with people on facebook over whether to eat HFCS or not, or the paleo diet (garbage!) ,but if you do not “workout” or eat right you will not go anywhere. So when is comes to fitness or as I call it Human Stone, actions matter not theory. Theory and studies lay the groundwork and give you good base, humanity existed long before studies, and artificial sweeteners. There is something honest about being active, moving and keeping you body in the best shape you can.

Let me use my pen to give you a sword. Try this workout if you need a quick change or just something to get started. More rants from my brain to come.

The Sword Workout:

Start by warming up with a few pushups and jump squats until your joints feel warm and mobile

Complete without rest between exercises. Once you have completed all movements repeat 4-6 times.

10 pushups
10 scap pushups
10 bodyweight squats
10 bodyweight squats onto toes
10 BW, kelso shrugs (essentially you are going squeeze your shoulder blades and upper lats together and isometrically contract for 5-10 secs, while in the top of a push up position)
10 Plank rotations per side
10 knees to opposite elbows (while in the top of a push up position)
10 body crosses (lay on back, with arms in “T” or “Y” and lift upper body off ground using lowers arms)                                                                      10 quick traveling lunges per side

Good Hunting til next time.