Why don’t they ask?


I was at one of my little fitness jobs the other day and it was about 4. At this particular jobs and at this particular time a group of guys come in, those guys. You know, they do a bunch of half ass exercises the wrong way, yelling and screaming like they’re really doing something. At this place, this is an everyday occurrence so I’ve become used to it One of the guys who is the ring leader if you wanna call him that, stayed after the rest of his pack left and was working out with a woman. He was basically training her! He had her doing a whole bunch of pointless exercises with no order, and no real set up.

That particular “incident” got me to thinking, why on that day, I’m not sure. But I thought back to gyms, other places I’ve worked, discussions with family, discussion with friends and talking to people on the street. I can remember countless times when I’ve heard people talk about something related to fitness. Sometimes my friends will even talk fitness right in front of my own eyes. But they do not do one thing: they dont turnaround and ask “KD, you’re a trainer, what you think about blah blah blah.” Why don’t they just ask? Have you ever thought about why people don’t ask people who are clearly trainers or knowledgeable in fitness questions? There have been plenty of times where I’ve been sitting next to my friends, and they’ll have ask each other fitness questions. The answers they get and give are 99.9% of the time BAD advice. It’s like, I’m sitting right there! You know I’m a personal trainer!!

So why dont they just ask?