Something from nothing equals nothing part 1


Im not proud to say this, but I got into a Facebook fight this past week. To be more accurate it was this past Tuesday. Some female posted a status on a page that I like to visit that is normally reserved for social-political types of discussions. The post was basically for something called MLM or multi-level marketing. This particular new company, well its not new, but it has been getting a lot of attention lately is called “Wake Up Now.” This company has a very loyal following who spend most of their time on YouTube and Facebook trying to convince people of how real and great of an opportunity it is. Phrases like its “not a scam” are usually problematic if everyone associated with your company has to make that claim.  I commented that this company is an example of a typical pyramid scheme to which she replied that I was ignorant, stupid and didn’t know how to spell since I left the “h” out of scheme. Lets just say I took a look at her Facebook page and I responded back with equal and greater force. Basically myself and  apparently some of her co-workers got into a little battle posting back and forth for an hour.

The gist of what they were saying is that I was going to die broke and lonely because I was “asleep” and didnt “Wake up.” Clever phrases from their Webinars no doubt. In reality they were trying to prove to themselves that what I- and apparently people around them were saying was wrong. I was accused of being a corporate clone, a crab in a barrel and so on. Now, I am an intense supporter and believer in the Non-Jobs philosophy of Elliott Hulse, so these women couldn’t have been further from the truth. As we went back and forth, I made sure to take a very quick at these women’s Facebook pictures, workplaces, past jobs, posts, etc. I learned a long time ago that one key to winning a debate intelligently is to understand the person you are arguing with, provided the topic is related to that person. So I noticed that all of these women were “not fit,” had pictures of A LOT of food, no husbands/boyfriends (at least pictures or mention of) and a bunch of kids. Their activities seemed to be limited to posting about their “businesses” online and eating. BTW their titles are “Independent Business Owners” at “Wake up Now.” Something they pointed out, which apparently gave them much pride AKA delusions of grandeur.

Delusions of Grandeur

Delusions of Grandeur

So what gives? And how does this relate to fitness and getting your swole on? These women and this pyramid scheme promise quick and relatively easy $$$. All you have to do is pay $100/month and recruit 3 people and have them recruit 3 people and the money starts rolling in. The product you get to sell is some cheesy discount/coupon package for resorts and a long list of retailers. For this you get 10% (despite the fact that you are supposed to be the owners of this “business”) , no benefits, other than commission. The $100 you pay is for an online marketplace and a discount package identical to the one you’re supposed to sell, meaning that you really make money by recruiting others who pay the monthly dues. I.E. pyramid scheme. These offers are very enticing because they tell you that you can make all this money from home, by doing almost nothing, not controlling your product, having no real skills other than recruiting more members and being “awake.”


Herein lies the problem, there is no journey for these MLMers. What I mean is that people who are very successful, even relatively quickly, have some type of skill that they honed and put to use. Even brokers who make deals and become rich in a day, honed their tradings skills, read the right research, met the right people, they did something. There was some journey from A to B, whether that be personal training or painting. Too many people are concerned only with the gratification of getting money to spend on things, but they fail to realize that no one gets there without taking some time, effort and courage to make the journey.  People know themselves, their worth and often when people are not at a station in life that they want to be in they start to delude themselves. They begin to believe that everyone is hating on them or that they’re the only ones smart enough to make money or whatever. This is a way to cope with being unable to figure out or endure getting what we want. This is why you have 400 pound woman telling themselves that they are healthy, fitter and look better than Beyonce, Rihanna, Megan Fox and so on. People compensate with attitude and being vocal for things they they lack or are not sure how to go after. But in reality its an attempt to cover up their feelings of helplessness and shame. These women I was arguing with are not happy with their situations and they want a way out of it, so they tell themselves that they’re business owners are going to make 400,000/month by posting on YouTube and Facebook.

This is why so many people are overweight, and lazy, including those women. There is  a saying that “everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but dont nobody want to lift no heavy ass weights!” The same goes for all walks of life, people want to get airlifted to success or a six-pack. But an airlift doesn’t create a stronger person or true success. Think about the real successful people you know of-in any field: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Jay-z, Jon Cena, Eli Manning, even Elliott Hulse. Did not every one of these people spend years and/or decades building, growing and working hard? If we look at bodybuilders like Arnold and Ronnie, they are the results of thousands of individual situations that made them into the beasts they became and still are.


Getting the f*** up and taking your ass to the track or the gym is the first journey many of us need to take. All over the internet there are literally thousands of commercials and ads for weight loss pills. miracle body washes, abs stimulators, and more; all designed to get you something easily.  Just purchase a video for $49.95 and follow the 3 day a week, 12 minute workout and your keg will turn into a six-pack in 6 weeks! The sad thing is that many people actually believe this-or pretend to believe.  Nothing will get you to a six pack or bigger arms faster than working hard. Now some program or method may get you there faster, but what you save in time you make up for in focus, pain and intensity.

Humans do not value certain things that come easy or are free, period. This was something that I learned as trainer, especially whenever I offered a co-worker or family member free training to help them out. They always showed up late, didn’t respond to emails timely and all-100% ended up quitting training with a couple of weeks. And they all had opinions about me being too hard, too this or that. You know who didn’t try to tell me how to train them, and quit after two weeks (generally) people paying $100 and hour to train with me. They understood the value of working with me and working their asses off. I’m not saying my family/friends/co-workers didnt, but they treated the training as something without much value, as something they didn’t really need or as soon as they got tired of it, they quit.
We do not value fitness and strength without a sacrifice period…..


One thought on “Something from nothing equals nothing part 1

  1. i have read every word you have written and i am sorry for my self for wasting my time and get my eyes tired reading this shut

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