Get Your Ass Up !

Sometimes people just need to get their asses up and move, but often people need to do it with intelligence. Now it is possible to lose weight and get in shape by doing the cliche running on the treadmill or the magazine workout, and there is nothing wrong with that. For someone however who wants to go a little harder AND challenge themselves AND transform their body AND become a bad ass/bad bitch/warrior/beast; you’ll need more than a color coded pullout from Men’s health or a drag and drop workout from Get Your Ass up is my motto for just getting off you big or (flat) ass and putting work in inside the gym or where ever. Something I often repeat is that the journey to something you value is not a shortcut and that it is more attainable than you might think.

Earlier this year while I was still in school and at my internship I saw alot “seasonal” and first time exercisers in the gym, on cardio machines, weighing themselves on scales, the whole nine. I saw too many of the same mistakes that have and will doom many people who were trying to lose weight, gain muscle, get a beach body for summer or some other goal. The biggest mistake that I noticed there and at a lot of gyms is a very portly person on an isolation machine (let’s say the leg extension) and they sit there for like 10 minutes do these half-ass leg extensions with no intensity; then they get up and go the to adductor machine for another 10 minutes. When I see people like that I think of this.

Round and 'round

Round and ’round

Just a short rant. Please get your ass up and put in some work


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