No, it really is your fault.

I was riding the subway home a few days ago, changing trains at one the busiest train hubs in Brooklyn. As I was getting off a man and an apparently “handicapped woman” got into an argument over bumping into each other while they were both getting off the train. This woman yelled something at the man about respecting her because she needed a cane to walk or something like that. Now this woman who I actually sat next to on the train is overweight and rude when she first got on. She also was scarfing down cookies like crazy.

The way this women believed that she “got older” and magically couldn’t walk  anymore got me thinking abouthow we perceive ourselves and our bodies especially as we age. The fact is this; if you are an older person who has trouble walking, moving or lifting on your own-THAT IS YOUR OWN FAULT. Now Im not talking about people who had some injury or issue and their body deteriorated as they aged, I’m talking about the average older or elderly person. Even people who are younger adults as well. Many of the physical characteristics that we associate with aging don’t need to happen, such as loss of strength, weak bones, immobility, etc.

You can and should maintain some basic abilities and strength as you age, whether you are 30, 50 or even 80s years old. The only excuse is you!

76 Years old Bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd.

76 Years old Bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd.